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Intermediary Business services

We as consulting and intermediary company can assist you to find the product/ products you wish to export from Greek companies. We determine your products needs and we do assist you to find the right product, delivered at the right time.

Business plan and Market entry strategy

International business is risky yet potentially lucrative.  BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS expertise is an invaluable resource for the achievement of your objectives.

Using local knowledge and our global resources we expedite the entry of a business into a market. Our experienced consultants can assist with:

·         Business Plan and Market entry plan,

·         Marketing research- surveys,

·         Marketing communication and sales Plan,

·         Distribution and logistics strategy,

·         Feasibility studies,

·         Product suitability assessments,

·         Packaging suitability,

·         Pricing strategy,

·         Brand Strategy,

·         Mystery shopping and

·         Competitive intelligence activities.  


Finding the right Business Partner

We can help your company to find the suitable business partner thanks to our database and invaluable expertise. We can also assist you in various business partners’ forms:

·         Exporting, your products to Greece,

·         Establishing a fully owned subsidiary and expanding your business operations, to local market, 

·         Acquiring a local firm, as there are a lot of Small to medium enterprises in the Greek market, though what is needed is a company`s  financial evaluation,

·         Finding the proper wholesaler/retailer to market your products,

·         Franchise plan and the corresponding action plan is one of our core business process activities

·         Licensing, license your products to be produced locally.


Legal services

Business law is a complex and dynamic field and the effectiveness of the advice you receive can have a significant impact on the future success of your enterprise. 


BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTANS offers a wide range of legal services concerning your market entry strategy.

Start-up license

·         Sole trader,

·         Partnership,

·         Jointed Venture,

·         Limited liability, 

·         Company


Once a best business structure is chosen and our client starts engaging in business, we continue our on-going support with respect to:


·         Commercial Contracts,

·         Mergers,

·         Acquisitions, and

·         Personnel Law


please find attached our company profile


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BUSINESS ANALYSIS_company profile_english.pdf (285,1 kB)



BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS is a company that it is focused on integrated Management Consulting and intermediary services. The company was established in 2006 by successful professionals who worked in various industries and services sectors for several years. BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS headquarters are at the heart of Salonika city centre.


BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS market focus is firms - small to medium and large companies that operate in Greece, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.Our company aims to assist those firms to solve their current problems and to expand further their business activities. 




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Fax: 2310 267391

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